Foot Massage Healthcare Mat TPE Shiatsu Mat Foot Massage Pad Magnets Yoga Pad Foot Acupressure Mats (Blue)

Brand: Sportifiers

Product Code: L11147HD53T27TV

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No pain no gains. A foot is another heart, it has the key of health. This kind of foot massage mat is made of  durable TPE plastic, they've been upgraded. Every mat has a double bottom, so you can imagine how
durable it is. Magnet is a special advantage about this item. This mat has 5 magnets and these can play an important role in your exercise. Massage, yoga exercise and shiatsu, the mat can do many good things.


- Color: Blue
- Material: TPE
- Size: Approx. 550 x 8mm.
- This kind of foot massage mat is made of  durable TPE plastic, so it is durable and solid for long term use.
- The round front model has a big size that you can have a bigger place to enjoy your massage.
- 5 magnets are important for your massage. Whether it's yoga or massage, you can feel comfortable. And they have a positive effect on your health. 
- Unique design on this mat can take a new feeling for you. You will have different feeling on the mat.
- Of course, this mat looks brilliant and colorful.

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